Sergey Gabbasov & SiJ - Perseides
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Sergey Gabbasov & SiJ - Perseides

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Welcome along on another trip into the forgotten hinterlands of the Eurasian plateau. Sergey and Vladimir once again skillfully guide us through the dusty backwater trails of the Mongol steppe, along the winding mountain roads that slither through the steep valleys of the Central Asian mountain ranges past crumbling old villages where hardship and beauty go hand in hand. No manmade light disturbs the eternal slumber of the starry nightsky and every cave, every hill, seems under the influence of some forgotten deity or spirit being.

Sergey Gabbasov is a social anthropologist specialized in hunter-gathers of Central and East Africa. He has made many ethnographical expeditions in different parts of Africa, Asia and Europe, produced several films about indigenous peoples and studied their native music.

SiJ is an ambient music project founded on March 27th 2011 by self-taught artist Vladislav Sikach from Sevastopol. His sound incorporates a variety of themes expressed in the dark and light colors. SiJ uses great number of instruments such as various guitars, drums and synthesizers as well as handmade mechanical or electro-mechanical sound devices. Recently SiJ started to use field recordings made in various places from urban streets to abandoned military and industrial facilities.

1. Refu
2. River Reed
3. Qirim
4. Armenia
5. Swahili Sharks
6. Gurun Suara
7. Moldvai Nyanbingi
8. Kyrgyz
9. Monsoon Gita
10. Rajasthan
11. Braj (feat. Hemispshere Dub.)
12. Apricot Tree

CD comes in a jewel case with booklet.

Sergey Gabbasov & SiJ - Perseides (album sampler)