SiJ - The Lost World
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SiJ - The Lost World

Vlad Sikach is returning to Reverse Alignment with a brand new SiJ album. This time with a grand force of collaborative artists such as Vadim Getiuk (Aeternam Nocte), Sergey Gabbasov, Tim Six (Creation VI), Vadim Grin (Dream Twice) and Robert Rich (among others). As is expected "The Lost World" shows the trademark of the classical SiJ sound, a lot of field recordings ending up with a very much organic and qualitive ambient, soothing and meditative but also combining rhythmic sections without loosing the floating touch of the atmospheres.

Making this album Vlad Sikach took inspiration from the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with the same title. More than hundred years later, "The Lost World" now gets a new form and media via the interpretation of SiJ.

1. The Outlying Pickets Of The New World
2. The Lost World
3. Night Near The Shores of Gladys Lake
4. A Fright Sight I Shall Never Forget
5. Our Eyes Have Seen GREAT Wonders
6. Great Luminous Curtain Glowed Before Us
7. Farewell With Maple White Land
8. At The Falls

Limited edition of 100 copies.

SiJ - Our Eyes Have Seen Great Wonders