Sonologyst - Apocalypse
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Sonologyst - Apocalypse

Everyone predicted it would someday arrive, but so few believed in the inevitable; for within the deepest recesses of people’s hearts and minds, the world's destruction was little more than a foolish and faraway myth. Nonetheless, the insinuations…the ghastly omens…were always there, whether in the way nature’s wrath surfaced through disasters or in the manner in which tyrants continued to rise tall and proud, with no apparent consequence to their shackling actions.

However, when Earth’s cataclysmic conclusion finally hit, it manifested not so much through the rumblings of some inner, core force; tumultuous storms; famine; economic collapse; mind control...nuclear devastation. It came predominately from out the darkness of our soiled souls. We caused the end of the world by not caring, by letting charity, good will and compassion die. It was ironically our selfish obsessions for heartless conformity, for sadistic self-preservation that spawned our demise.

This album’s tracks represent and punctuate the ultimate end to all ends, with all the melodious sorrow and impetuous anguish that humankind’s collective sins could ever dare conjure—and (bet your bottom dollar) will. Listen close. Listen hard. Learn and prophetically see and prepare, as each segment drags you deeper into the fetid, despairing annals of...the Apocalypse!

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak and includes an additional bonus track.

1. Hypnosis 06:54
2. Sulphurous rain 04:35
3. Abandoned city 06:14
4. Dying oceans 05:54
5. Stay in your homes! 05:18
6. Global threat 08:46
7. System collapse 04:50
8. Towers of sand 11:38
9. Prayers from nowhere 05:02
10. Searching For A New Religion

Sonologyst - Hypnosis