Sound_00 and Lefterna - Elementals - Collabs 2
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Sound_00 and Lefterna - Elementals - Collabs 2

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After a series of collaborative publications on multiple experimental labels, the duo of Toni Dimitrov (Sound_00) & Boban Ristevski (Lefterna) finds its 'Elementals: Collabs 2' conceptual collaborative release on Winter-Light. 'Elementals: Collabs 2' is an ambient/experimental release of deep drone contemplations and ambient exploration, good for deep meditative and learning sessions.

'Elementals' gathers together selected collaborative works from the artists Sound_00 + Lefterna. All tracks have previously been released separately on compilations from the labels Fall Into Void, Post Global Recordings, HNM Recordings, AOsmosis and Crna Zemlja. For this release on our Winter-Light label, the tracks have been completely remastered by Cruel Sound Works, adding a richer, more distinctive warm feel to each piece.

Cover artwork and layout created by Midnight Sun Studio.

Glass mastered CD comes in a 4-panel full colour digi pack. 7 tracks with a total running time of 77:23 mins.

Digital available via Bandcamp.

1. Collab ep_09 (ii)  (07:10)
Collab ep_10        (15:42)
Collab ep_11 (ii)  (10:45)
Collab ep_12 (ii)  (08:57)
Collab ep_13 (ii)  (08:04)
Collab ep_14 (ii)  (11:06)
Collab ep_15 edit (15:36)

sound_00 + lefterna - Elementals: Collabs 2

sound_00 + lefterna - Elementals: Collabs 2 (official promo video)


Vital Weekly

'This is music that one should undergo and feel, rather than rationalize about. Like many of the other isolationist musicians it seems less about composing and more about letting sounds wander freely inside a bunch of sound effects but it becomes a very nice work indeed.' - Frans de Waard