Stratvm Terror - Aged Fractures And Dead Ends
  • €16.00

Stratvm Terror - Aged Fractures And Dead Ends

Is it really dead? Yes, this release marks the end of Stratvm Terror. But what an end! Massive sounds of drowning liquids, mechanised background noises, brain mangling soundscapes and harsh abrasive amplications. Playing this loud will probably make you deaf, but what else is there to listen to after experiencing this?

'Aged Fractues and Dead Ends' is a vast collection of various archive material produced by the Stratvm Terror constellation Peter Andersson of Rasion D'Etre and Tobias Larsson (Ocean Chief). Lost pieces, sketches, live material, cassette and compilation tracks between 1993 and 1999. 150 minutes in total and most of it has never been previously released.

Double CD comes in a 6-panel digipak with photos by Henrik Stoll. 39 tracks, approximate running time 150 minutes.

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