The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Anthropomorphic
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The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Anthropomorphic

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2020 Reissue of "Anthropomorphic" - the third work of The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation (the improvisation alter ego of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble) from 2011. One session - almost 60 minutes.

PART I. "Anthropomorphic" means ascribing a human form to a non-human entity. In this case, this non-human entity is music. Being born is human. "Anthropomorphic" is born from the amniotic fluid of Eelco Bosman's guitar layers. Comforting, quiet. The innermost peace is the peace of the womb. Breathing is human. Hilary Jeffery's trombone starts to breathe. The first deep breath of many breaths. Infrequent breathing, irritated breathing, return to equilibrium. Endless organic cycles.

THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION is a live improv jazz/drone/doom sideproject consisting of the THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE members Gideon Kiers, Jason Köhnen, Charlotte Cegarra, Hilary Jeffery, Eelco Bosman, Nina Hitz, and Sarah Anderson and various interchanging guest musicians including Ron Goris. Following DOOMJAZZ FUTURE CORPSES! and SUCCUBUS, "Anthropomorphic" constitutes the third released session of TMFDC.

PART II. Growing is human. Nina Hitz' cello is growing on the mother soil of Jason Köhnen's guitar and Gideon Kiers' electronics. Strong body, solid body. Opening his eyes and capturing the light. Innocent receiving turns into the determined lookout of Sarah Anderson's violin. Clouded awareness, conflict, clear awareness. The dissonant revolt of the mind against the body.

Since the members of TMFDC live scattered among Rotterdam, Paris, Berlin, and London, they rarely tour. This in turn makes each of their single shows a special event, and if they do play a show, they don't mind longer trips. Consequently, it is not a surprise that "Anthropomorphic" has been performed and recorded in three parts in Utrecht / The Netherlands, Wroclaw / Poland, and Moscow / Russia.

PART III. Evolving is human. Hilary Jeffery's trombone returns from his trip. Jason Köhnen's bass, Eelco Bosman's guitar, and Ron Goris' drums lay the groundwork. Gideon Kiers' electronics reinforce the atmosphere tinted by Charlotte Cegarra's sparse vocals. Sarah Anderson's violin dares a rare melody. Free will is human. The instruments exchange their roles and dominate their players. Space. Dimension. Form. Function. The anthromorphism, the true and deep nature of improvisation, is complete.

Despite being recorded in three segments, "Anthropomorphic" is a coherent single entity and is based on a plan, like all the TMFDC improv sessions. Following this plan, TMFDC have created another mesmerizing, exalted, disturbing, and atmospheric piece of art. Always activating different talents of its many members, no album of TMFDC or their studio counterpart THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE resembles the other, and "Anthropomorphic" makes no exception.

CD comes in beautiful thick card digipak format.

1. Space 14:58
2. Dimension 15:00
3. Form 15:00
4. Function 14:58

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Function