Tineidae - Exo
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Tineidae - Exo

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Tineidae (Poland) serves us a space ambient album thick with analogue sweeps and evolving walls of sound.

The derelict mothership is massive, its silent shadow swallowing your cutter-ship as you connect with the airlock. Inside, rusted bulkheads sing like whales from deep within as they reverberate with lumbering creaks. Your flashlight flickers in the dark as you wipe the smudge off a wall-mounted map. Better get the power online or you'll never be able to access the backup logs. NG-section is two floors down. Time for another spacewalk.

Your MD-233 exosuit gets you climbing the ship's exterior with little effort. Parts of the ship have been blown off, scattered across space from the impact all those years ago, revealing the skeletal remains of the eco-hub and launch pad. Makes you wonder what happened to those left behind without food. The distressed messages coming out of there were censored, but it must have been bad for them to have brought in a black market contracter to wipe them from the mainframe before the repair crew arrives.

Recommended for fans of space journeys, supernovas and arpeggiated swells.

Written, produced, performed Pavlo Storonskyi Artwork Simon Heath Mastering Pavlo Storonskyi

CD comes in a 6-panel matte digipak, limited to 400 copies.

1. Blacklight Trail 04:54
2. Patterns in the Sky 07:01
3. Abandoned Mothership 05:03
4. Metal Claws 06:31
5. Battle Scars 09:01
6. Stars so Bright, My Eyes Hurt 05:04
7. Reconnection 05:29
8. Sky Burial 06:56
9. Star Mist 07:01
10. Epilogue 04:55

Tineidae - Abandoned Mothership