Vukovar - The Great Immurement
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Vukovar - The Great Immurement

Their rare sound, which inherits the traditional UK post-punk such as Joy Division and Morrissey, experimental industrial such as Coil, and the neofolk mood represented by Death in June, transcends time and genre.

All songs written and recorded by the 5/5 of Vukovar. Except: 'When Rome Falls' lyrics written by D. Tibet and music by Vukovar. 'Psalm' taken from 'Psalm 142' by David and music by Vukovar.

Engineered and produced by The Brutalist House & The Ghosts In Their Machine and Phil Reynolds. Mastered by Phil Reynolds. Jane Appleby appears on 'The Great Immured And His Sea Of Love'. Simon Morris appears on 'Cement & Cerement'.

Artwork by Andrzej Klimowski.
Layout by Oleg Galay.

CD comes in a deluxe matte laminated 4-panel digipak limited to 200 copies.

1. Your Icarus 05:04
2. The Solar Anus Pt.1 02:26
3. The Solar Anus Pt.2 06:08
4. Psalm 142 04:16
5. When Rome Falls 04:04 
6. The Immortal Hour 03:00
7. Sculpt The Sculptor 03:52
8. O Eden 06:03
9. The Nurses 02:21
10. Cement And Cerement 04:03
11. The Great Immured And His Sea Of Love 12:11

Vukovar - The Great Immurement