Silicon Relic - E.B.A.N.I. Drones
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Silicon Relic - E.B.A.N.I. Drones

The UFO phenomenon shows a constant tendency to adapt itself to the technological imaginary of the historical period in which it occurs. From the first mechanical forms of the last century, we have progressively reached the current energetic and intangible manifestations, of which the E.B.A.N.I. can be considered the most spectacular and disturbing expression. With the term E.B.A.N.I. are defined a whole series of aerial phenomena, which present characteristics that can be compared in appearance to living beings, in form as well as in movements. Is this perhaps the final adaptation, in the middle of the information age, of a living occult reality that hides behind our technological dream, before its definitive revelation?

"E.B.A.N.I. Drones" is the sound transposition of these celestial apparitions, beyond any will of interpretation of the phenomenon or easy cataloging. A dreamlike and surreal journey between sidereal anxieties and apocalyptic suggestions, in the contemplation of these new angelic legions made of luminous tubular structures and floating liquid metal.

SILICON RELIC is a new Italian industrial drones / dark-ambient project, which aims to describe and portray in music the remains and parodies of the sacred and the spirit in the age of disenchantment. The group - composed of Moreno Padoan and Cristian Luise, active for years in the industrial / experimental scene with various monickers - wishes to return with this project to the origins of the genre, combining genuine aesthetic and sound research with a solid conceptual and philosophical approach.

SILICON RELIC: Moreno Padoan Cristian Luise

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

1. Flotilla 05:12
2. Skyworm 06:10
3. Tubolar Coil 05:38
4. Radiating Spheres 05:16
5. Living Geometries 04:35
6. Triangular Ascension 04:25
7. Bio-Glow 05:34
8. Floating Liquid Metal 04:43
9. Fragments Of Light 04:45

Silicon Relic - E.B.A.N.I. Drones