Sonologyst - Phantoms
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Sonologyst - Phantoms

The latest outing from Italian sound composer Raffaele Pezzella a.k.a. 'Sonologyst'.

Voices of children in a park, people playing a handball game, dogs barking, a man talking of philosophy, a demon lurking in a dark corner. Dreamlike mental landscape of nonsensical memories, a metamorphic passage from the blackness, the shadows of a lost beauty. Everything frozen in the stillness of phantom recordings.

Recordings by SONOLOGYST Sound Design, Turntables, Trumpet, Azzax, Voice.

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

1. Phantoms 05:08
2. Three options collided 06:42
3. Shamanic rite passing on a surgery table equipped with azzax and trumpet 03:32
4. Memorex 04:28
5. Dahomey Kingdom 04:04
6. Fragments of a winter with a few other cards to play 05:56
7. An Index of Maths Philosophy 03:47
8. Codified 03:06
9. North-South Crossing 03:08
10. Orient out of tune 06:41

Sonologyst - Phantoms