Stefan Weglowski - Smooth Inertia
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Stefan Weglowski - Smooth Inertia

Glacial Movements celebrates the fiftieth record release with "Smooth Inertia", the new album by Polish artist Stefan Węgłowski. He's a composer, producer, live performer. His works include mostly compositions for small ensembles and solo instruments. In his works he uses minimalist and spectral techniques, combining them with broadly defined area of electronic music. He teaches at the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He lives and works in Warsaw.

"Smooth inertia is an album that was created in solitude, after the end of a certain period in which stagnated. I could call it a blank sheet that I had to fill in. For years I had been trying to create an ambient album that I would be happy with, which would transcend me somehow beyond my full understanding. I tried to use only the old tools that were known to me, relying on them while following the path of my idols, ambient classics of the 80s and 90s such as Fennesz, Ethan Rose and Apex Twin. I used classic methods such as field recording, spoken voice (Anna Figurska) virtually unrecognizable by its deformation - a voice mosaic, an out of tune piano (Adam Kośmieja). In two pieces I play the guitar, after 9 years of not touching the instrument, returning to my classical roots. I remember; I shed light on what I have experienced; I do my best to bring myself relief. How to commit myself to do things that demand to be done."

Smooth Interia is dedicated to Paweł Węgłowski, with all my love. Stefan Węgłowski, February 2023.

Production / composition : Stefan Węgłowski
Recording Engineer : Kamil Kęska
Mix : Stefan Węgłowski, Michał Wolski
Mastering : Michał Wolski
Piano : Adam Kośmieja
Voice : Anna Figurska
Guitar: Stefan Węgłowski
Cover Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Sleeve design by Oleg Galay

CD Digipak in matt laminated finish with de-bossed text on front and back cover.

Stefan Weglowski - Smooth Inertia