Micromelancolie - Strom Noir - 49°05’19,3″N 22°34’04,0’E
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Micromelancolie - Strom Noir - 49°05’19,3″N 22°34’04,0’E

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The album of the enigmatic title “49°05’19,3″N22°34’04,0’E” is the result of the collaboration between two artists signed to Zoharum: Emil Mat’ko aka Strom Noir from Slovakia and Robert Skrzyński aka Micromelancolié from Poland. Both have two albums and participated in several compilations released on our label on their account. Their collaborative album is a piece of work suspended between two stylistics penetrated within their own solo projects, and at the same time it is perfectly complementary. On one side we have the guitar/electronic passages so characteristic of Strom Noir, and on the other the sonic structures prepared from defects and scraps that has been explored for several years by Micromelancolié. Two untitled compositions float slowly and are contemplation of places a bit distant to urban civilization. “49°05’19,3″N22°34’04,0’E ” is a sound postcard from the mysterious place hidden in the title. Where is it? The answer is in the music itself, and in the coordinates composing the title of this collaborative album.

The cover paintings and design was made by Wiktor Jackowski. It was mastered by Michal Iliaš.

The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. 1. untitled - 2. untitled

Micromelancolie/Strom Noir - 49°05’19,3″N 22°34’04,0’E (pt.1 excerpt)