Moloch Conspiracy - Baclou
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Moloch Conspiracy - Baclou

'During my trip to French Guiana in the Summer of 2018, I was overwhelmed by the luxuriance of nature and the fragility of human settlement. Land of colonization and migration, Guyana is rich of beliefs, often mixed as in the "quimbois" and voodoo. These landscapes, green and sometimes burnt, as during the dry season, contain myths and a surprising folklore as for the invoked entity "baclou", the "viscous gnome" which can cause what is close to collective hysteria.

I was inspired by these stories but also from the richness of nature that I have recorded, whether it is the deep jungle or the Islands of Salvation shores, the swamps or the savannah. This land of Guiana can be inhospitable and the climate often causes a feeling of heaviness. The jungle reveals itself in torpor and consumes our consciousness like the waves crashing on this island where I have been locked up for months. I could not say what I saw. The atrocity of these visions and the heat has transformed me forever. I only remember a few sensations, some images.'

Julien Lacroix

Music: Moloch Conspiracy
Cello, malaka, djembe, tama, detuned piano, synthesizers, field recordings.

Artwork: Julien Lacroix
Mastering: Julien Lacroix
Edited by © Eighth Tower Records

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

1. Irridescent lights 05:56
2. Bagne's Nightmare 07:04
3. Fever 07:12
4. Baclou 06:17
5. In the forest 07:34
6. Intermede 02:34
7. Signals 05:49
8. Fire in the night 08:07

Moloch Conspiracy - Bagne's Nightmare