Monocube - Substratum
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Monocube - Substratum

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Cyclic Law welcome Ukrainian project MONOCUBE with his latest album since 2016’s “The Rituals”. A suite of wide landscapes painted with modular synth and stringed instruments over eight long form pieces for the most expansive and spellbinding solo release by Monocube to date. The result of no less than two years of assiduous work presents an analog purification of Monocube’s overtones elevated to another level. Featuring Antti Litmanen (Arktau Eos) and Frederic Arbour (Visions). Mastered by James Plotkin. Mixed media artwork by sukkeret.og.pepper studio. Co-Released with Malignant Records (TumorCD120)

Edition of 500 copies in matt laminated 4 panel Digisleeve. 8 Tracks. Running Time 64:49

1. Sehnsucht 05:03
2. Prima Materia 08:24
3. Luft 08:23
4. Visiones V 07:23
5. The Opposite Of Nadir (feat. Antti Litmanen) 10:08
6. Opaque 10:44
7. Actio In Distans 06:04
8. Limen (feat. Visions) 08:22

Monocube - Substratum (excerpts)