Muslimgauze - Silknoose
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Muslimgauze - Silknoose

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Ambient-industrial with Arabian tribal dance influences. According to some, one of Muslimgauze's most impressing works. Fifteen tracks of extraordinary dance floor propaganda.

This is one of the albums where the variety is the main driving force: interspersed between the fast paced majority are some slower, lazy paced tracks. A very enjoyable album edging towards the harsher sounds of some later albums.

1. Moslim Satellite Channel
2. Gandhi Tentacle Song
3. Your arms, our opium
4. Priyanka Tumdesh Chalao
5. Memsahib Tea Emporium
6. Qazi Hussain
7. Qazi Hussain (Re-Prize-Al)
8. Myth And Tyrants
9. Dish Poison
10. Azure Taboosh
11. Sheesh Mahal
12. Amber Lake
13. Moslem Satellite Channel
14. Kaika Male
15. Memsahib Tea Emporium

Limited edition of 400 copies in a 6-panel digi-pack.

Muslimgauze - Your arms, our opium