Nam-khar & Vortex - Nag Hammadi
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Nam-khar & Vortex - Nag Hammadi

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Winter-Light welcomes Nam-Khar back for their third sonic venture on our label, this time collaborating with fellow German artists Vortex (Tesco Organisation, :Ikonen: Media, Cyclic Law).

In 2020, the German ritual ambient bands Nam-Khar and Vortex joined forces to draw inspiration from the Nag Hammadi scriptures and their spiritual and cultural context. They fused their distinctive sounds to create a careful interpretation of the source texts from a pan-religious and spiritual perspective, resulting in hypnotic soundscapes and rhythm-patterns.

The idea of this album concept is to keep up the spirit of ancient and mostly forgotten paths of wisdom to a contemporary audience. It is dedicated to the spiritual seeker.

Hypnotic percussion, spoken word and dark ambience, interlaced with industrial elements and atmospherics, make 'Nag-Hammadi' a stand out album in the genre.

Nam-Khar - Peter Prochir (sounds, electronic, loops, drums), Konchok Gyaltsen (analogue & digital electronics, programming, drums & percussion)

Vortex - Marcus Stiglegger (vocals, additional percussion, sounds and field recordings, digital electronics), Carsten Bergemann (analogue electronics, sounds)

Mastering by Robin Storey/Rapoon
Artwork by Patricia Schoonenberg

© Nam-khar 2022
© Vortex 2022
© Winter-Light 2022

CD comes in a 6-panel, full colour digifile, limited to 300 copies.
A Double Vinyl version will be available in Summer 2022,
delayed due to worldwide extended pressing times.

1. The Gospel of Thomas (09:52)
2. The Temptation (08:50)
3. The Dancing Flame (10:07)
4. Caves of Forgotten Wisdom (06:53)
5. The Gospel of Truth (11:22)
6. The Garden of All (07:59)
7. The Premonition (09:12)
8. The Gospel of Thunder (08:31)

Nam-khar & Vortex - Nag Hammadi (Official promo video)