Old Castle - Welcome to Graceland
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Old Castle - Welcome to Graceland

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Rapoon and ex-Zoviet France, Robert Pepper of Pas Musique and Shaun Sandor aka Promute met in 2011 when they performed in Brooklyn at Cafe Orwell and they just clicked immediately. Starting as colaborative duos, they decided to work as a trio and so Old Castle came to life – incarnation of synergy drawn from the experience and creativity of each member. Given that each gentleman has pretty vast catalogue of very varied music the end result is pretty hard to classify and saying simply that it’s experimental music just doesn’t give it justice.

Tracks bear echoes of Coil. You can clearly feel shamanistic approach to sound creation with influences of IDM and LSD (the substance). Album starts in a pretty dark tone to move towards more rhythmic, colorful and abstract structures to end with a droning horror of the last track (ironically tiltled “Mummy Love”). Along the way you will hear unexpected appearances of classical instruments like trumpets, pianos or violins and even less obvious didgeridoo which brings to mind aboriginal trance inducing music. Everything veiled in mystery and eeriness. Overall experience reminds of acid trip with all its lighter and darker aspects.

It’s also worth to mention the cover art by Magdalena Eftimova, which after listening goes with the music perfectly. Bits of colours, textures and shapes turn into acid like yet coherent image and same goes with music - collages of sounds turn to coherent tracks and these create eventually amazing album as a whole.

CD edition of 400 copies comes in a 6 panel digipack.

Old Castle - Welcome to Graceland