Orthank - Orthank
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Orthank - Orthank

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Orthank (An evil Orthodox B.M Release for Fans of Deathspell Omega, Ofermod and Ascension) Out of ashes and blood we have returned to glorify His name! The one who confronted the Enemy and became the "Scapegoat," Azazel.

From complete humility to the highest point of consciousness and individuality, he went his way to bring knowledge to mankind. A confrontation that cost him not just his life, but his eternal imprisonment in torment, is bearing fruit every day.

Progressing in decadence and vice, humanity descends into the Abyss to continue its slavery under the aegis of the demiurge, without noticing the noose around its neck. We sing His name with these four hymns. We praise His feat. Opposition and exaltation, freedom and clarity!

The Devil is one, his handiwork manifests itself at different levels of the vertical of existence and is not limited to this!

CD comes in a 4-panel digi-sleeve.

Orthank - Orthank