Proscriptor ‎– The Venus Bellona
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Proscriptor ‎– The Venus Bellona

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The occultic and atmospheric solo project of Proscriptor McGovern (of ABSU fame) smears an avant-garde style of Pagan music with 'The Venus Bellona' – an invigorating and magic(k)al listen to reveal 'the inner domains of immortality'.

Awareness factor: the planet Venus is the sphere closest to the Earth and its longitude is based upon the actual epoch of time. With Venus' perihelion passage, it is known for a fabulous role as an adulate goddess in Greek mythology. Venus also represents the alchemic(k)al metal of copper, (the fourth "Dalkhu" of fire) whereas "Bellona", on the other hand, is the Latin term for "war goddess" to complete the bewilderment of the album title.

Proscriptor comes to you with 'The Venus Bellona' – a collection of deathless fables gathered from a wide variety sources: from his ancestral attributions of Scottish heritage to superstitions and the Dominion folklore of Thoth. Handed down to his shadow from generation to generation, and once told in musky crofters’ cottages and draughty castles, these spellbinding tales of 'The Venus Bellona' will thrill and possess followers of all durations.

Lightlessness of sound, which is sometimes motionless, is essential in occultic and atmospheric music.

Limited edition of 300 copies printed in a lavish, full-color glossy 4-panel digipak with a 12-page booklet.

1. ACT 1: An Initium For You 00:58
2. ACT 2: I Am The One 02:49
3. ACT 3: Our Blood And Veins From The McGovern Regiment 02:28
4. ACT 4: O’ Hí Ri Rí Tha E Tighinn 02:06
5. ACT 5: Lady Day Eve 04:34
6. ACT 6: Madeleine 05:06
7. ACT 7: Kiss Of Shame 01:38
8. ACT 8: Tractatus 01:24
9. ACT 9: My Legacy – A Crysknife 00:51
10. ACT 10: Serpentine Of Six-Fold Stars 05:52
11. ACT 11: The Barren Stones Of Lughnasadh 02:40
12. ACT 12: Far Away From Balkan Hills 01:27
13. ACT 13: De La Fletus Des Athroll (After The Massacre Of Glencoe) Part II 02:34
14. ACT 14: CHOMERE! 01:02
15. ACT 15: Commanding The Dragon Of Keppoch 02:03
16. ACT 16: Ground’s Afire 00:51
17. ACT 17: Defeat 01:24
18. ACT 18: We Raise Our Silver Goblets In Triumph 01:48
19. ACT 19: We Procured The Non-Existence Of Xalteun 01:43
20. ACT 20: Finem Habere – Flames For You 01:52
21. ACT 21: I Ran (So Far Away) 04:2

Proscriptor - Our Blood And Veins From The McGovern Regiment