Raison D'Etre - Prospectus I DLP
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Raison D'Etre - Prospectus I DLP

  • Labels Cyclic Law
  • Product Code: 12'' Black Vinyl DLP
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For the first time on vinyl, re-issue the first album by raison d'être, originally released in 1993. For this recording all sounds have been restored and re-recorded from the original source material and all tracks have been carefully remixed to maintain the true feeling and atmosphere of the original album but with current standards for high quality audio. This re-issue also contains 4 bonus tracks not featured on the original album.

Re-mastered for vinyl according to the K-14 level standard by Peter Andersson.
A Cyclic Law & Old Europa Cafe Co-Release.

Standard Edition Gatefold 2LP limited to 300 copies on Black vinyl. 350gr cover with matt lamination. 13 tracks. Running Time 75:36

1. Katharsis 06:27
2. Ordeal In Chapel
3. Ascension De Profundis
4. Mourning
5. Mesmerized In Sorrow
6. Cenotaphium
7. Synopsis
8. Anathema
9. Penumbra
10. Out of The Depths
11. Enshrouding
12. Chalixtins
13. Inquest

Raison d'etre - Prospectus I DLP (Re-mastered)