Raison d'être - Daemonum & Daemoniacum
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Raison d'être - Daemonum & Daemoniacum

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Special Edition. Daemonum marks the 30-years anniversary of raison d'être. With Daemonum raison d'être scrutinizes the secrets of the Shadow; the Anima/Animus archetypes and the manifestation of them as a Soul image. By learning to listen for the voice of our subconscious self, we can call that voice our Daemon, our internal genius that provide guidance, we can find hidden potential within ourselves. Daemonum is the album of the daemons.

Hunting in the shadows, for the hidden and the opposite, Daemonum is another crossing, deep down to the shaded domains of the inner world. Struggling in blindness and oblivion, guidance and protectors are needed to unfold the obscure matters of our unconsciousness.

And to mark this 30th anniversary release, we’re offering an exclusive and limited special edition of Daemonum, a double CD or triple LP which includes a bonus album, "Daemoniacum". Think of Daemoniacum as some sort of anti-polarized version of Daemonum, as if Daemonum was haunted and possessed by a demon. As if the daemon inside is turned into a demonic creature because the host becomes obsessed by the demon. As if the Anima/Animus was intruded and molested or rejected and deformed, infecting the host, causing a different and repressed output. Daemoniacum is the album manifested by the demons.

Sounds, structures and K-14 level mastering by Peter Andersson 2020. Artwork by Nihil.

Special edition 2CD of 500 copies in 6-panel digisleeve, matt lamination. 12 Tracks. Running time: CD1 74.56, CD2 40.58

1. The Implacable Portal (Daemonum) 12:35
2. Awaking The Primordial Image (Daemonum) 13:25
3. The Roots Of Our Weaknesses (Daemonum) 12:38
4. Inside The Enantiodromia (Daemonum) 08:50
5. Retrieving The Maternal Cathexis (Daemonum) 11:11
6. Daemonium (Daemonum) 16:14
7. The Reclining Gate (Daemoniacum) 06:28
8. Extrication From The Eternal Certitude (Daemoniacum) 06:58
9. The Convergence Of Our Strengths (Daemoniacum) 06:41
10. External Transmogrification (Daemoniacum) 06:50
11. Wasting The Paternal Energy (Daemoniacum) 06:58
12. Binding By Oath (Daemoniacum) 06:59

Raison d'être - The Implacable Portal