Rigor Mortiss - Wbrewny
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Rigor Mortiss - Wbrewny

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The band from Płock is back with a new album. The previous release of "Brud" (released on Requiem Rec.) already showed that there is no doubt why musicians had returned after many years of silence and that they still have much to say, thus they have a vision of their own reinvention.

Today, Rigor Mortiss, thanks to the "WBREWNY" album, is pursuing the newly chosen path even more boldly, cutting off from the burden of the past, without any complexes. We deal with heavy, seemingly predatory music, but also singularly toned down due to interesting arrangements. There is a captivating trans-like repetition based on a strong guitar groove, balanced by the sounds of often phenomenal samples and the proper build-up of the atmosphere. From the whole album an intriguing story emerges, created thanks to lyrical miniatures, songs about the fear, pain of existence, passing away, almost mythical Haenyeo women and their own reminiscences.

There are two unusual tracks here on the album that are worth mentioning: "Cyborgernas Bön", which were based on Eugeniusz Rudnik's "Miniatures" samples, and "Escape from the Flashback", the fragments of served as a soundtrack to the award-winning "Klechdy" ("Folk Tales") movie awarded on many festivals.

CD comes in a digpak.

1. Dream Catcher 07:28
2. Cyborgernas Bon 05:39
3. Incantations 06:20
4. Vires Spatii 10:22
5. Sorgens Stigar 07:12
6. Last Sirens 07:25
7. Escape from the Flashback 05:50
8. Cormorant Islant 07:43

Rigor Mortiss - Cormorant Island