Grande Loge - Mantras LP
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Grande Loge - Mantras LP

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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France’s enigmatic Grande Loge present their first full length offering. Established in 2017 as a ritualised acoustic entity from Black Metal horde Malepeste and Tower of Silence to forge a crafty melange of aerial ambient, martial folk and transcendental chants using ethnic and traditional instruments, violin, buzuki, nafar, shaman drums and tanpura.

“Mantras” is a suite of pagan prayers, a spiritual call to initiate an ecstatic inner voyage. Chants are composed of originals mantras, phonemes put together for their aesthetic and sonic value, a vocalised form of Chaos Magick. The track “Mithra Invictus” is a french translation of a prayer to the solar god Mithra while “Hekaten” is an prayer to the goddess Hecate in ancient greek.

Artwork by Quentin Q.

Standard Edition LP on Black vinyl in 200 copies. 3mm sleeve and printed inner sleeve, matt lamination. 7 Tracks Running Time 46:00

1. Epopteia 09:59
2. Mithra Invictus 06:38
3. Hekaten 08:09
4. Avekko 03:34
5. Aecroto 04:47
6. Tenya Pon 07:39
7. Hierophantes 08:35

Grande Loge - Epopteia