Oneirich - Fall
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Oneirich - Fall

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Sometimes one reads a book that resonates very much with you. So much even that it has a certain impact on your life...

Well... This is an auditory tribute to such book... A book that I've read a couple of years back and that perfectly told what I couldn't bring into words about certain aspects of my outlook on life. The book is called Fall Division, published by Fall of Man and it's written by Talon. And I'd like to dedicate this album to those writings and the writer.

If you feel sometimes at odd in current day society I think you'll enjoy that said book and this album very much.
Take care Oneirich

Cdr limited to 100 copies. 1. Daút Kaur'I Siev l 05:11 2. Luosi't Aat Iaavur'I Niel'n 04:03 3. Laathal 04:41 4. Fall 04:34 5. Sekriil O'Suun 04:59 6. Maen V'El ian 04:00 7. Kuesoms 04:34 8. Kaúr's V'Rei 06:42 9. Luosival 04:39 Oneirich - Fall