Saáadon - мреть (наутро ночь)
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Saáadon - мреть (наутро ночь)

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In 2018, the longtime partnership between the St-Petersburg based duo Sádon (familiar to us from their collaboration with Treha Sektori) & France's Romain Barbot alias Saåad (who has curated & managed the BLWBCK label and released Sádon's early material) finally turned into a musical collaboration as Saáadon.

Entitled мреть (наутро ночь) (which can be translated as « Die (in the morning night ») is centered around the melancholic and introspective poetry of Donat Mavleev, evoking a secular dream, the end of time, its horizon and beyond. The trio's music moves across drone & ambient soundscapes, giving birth to a disturbing strangeness with radiant hues, simultaneously intense and peaceful.

A poignant emotional journey the likes only such a joining forces can conjure.

CD edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve, Matt Lamination. 5 Tracks. Running Time 37:02

1. Явь 07:06
2. Край 06:39
3. Заход 07:32
4. Омут 09:54
5. Взор 05:37

Saáadon - мреть (наутро ночь)