Senketsu No Night Club - Shikkoku
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Senketsu No Night Club - Shikkoku

As in the most successful outcomes, the artistic alchemy of Vincenti, Leonardi, and the British saxophonist Ian Ferguson, generated a feverish and endless activity. Only a year ago the trium was busy laying the foundations of its debut album, recently pressed by Old Europa Cafè.

The sonic product of Senketsu No Night Club, floating between jazzy movements, dark ambient soundscapes, and power noise ruptures, celebrated then the far east extreme cinema whilst the Furachi Life's fetish imaginary - if you are familiar with the perturbing japanese artist - was the band concept's perfect incarnation.

Stunning yet sensual, as in the best representation of the sex/death duplicity. Today, with a different approach, "Shikkoku" represents the nocturnal spleen and its melancholy, the erotic lyricism of Mishima's novel "Nikutai No Gakko, 愛の渇き", and the eternal clash of Eros and Thanatos by G. Bataille. The beauty, the crime, the violence, the anguish. 100% Doom-Noir Jazz in a dark connection between Rome and Tokyo.

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak limited to 300 copies.

1. 衝動の契 07:03
2. 漆黒 04:14
3. Nothingness 06:37
4. Pleasure Can 06:26
5. Nikutai No Gakko 09:20
6. 愛の渇き 06:12
7. Shikkoku 06:16
8. Aokigahara Jukai 04:38

Senketsu No Night Club - 漆黒