Sphare Sechs - Enceladus
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Sphare Sechs - Enceladus

A follow up to the highly acclaimed and quickly sold out Tiefschlaf CD (TumorCD56, 2012), this project of Phelios’ Martin Stürtzer and Christian Striztel finds the duo traveling even further out into space, beyond the reaches of light and into realms never before explored. While the overall approach is similar to Tiefschlaf and there’s certainly some shared DNA at play here, the seven tracks that comprise Enceladus feel weightier and darker…a glorious amalgam of drift and synth drone that seems to extend beyond any visual measure, the tones and textures floating off into an infinite expanse, pulled and stretched by an unseen gravitational force. Space inspired dark ambient can be a tricky thing…a common theme attempted by many with some measure of success, but few capture the coldness, stillness, and awe inspiring beauty of the interstellar void so brilliantly as Sphäre Sechs.

Recorded solely on analog equipment without the use of computers, Enceladus is a deeply mesmerizing and hypnotic excursion best played on headphones or in solitude for maximum effect. 4 panel, matte finished digipak with metallic ink highlights designed by Alonso Urbanos.

" ...immersive and intense...impressive and highly cinematic" Sonic Immersion

"This is cosmic dark ambient of almost essential character.... dense, trance-like and completely captivating in its black universe" Santa Sangre

1. Enceladus I
2. Enceladus II
3. Enceladus III
4. Enceladus IV
5. Enceladus V
6. Enceladus VI
7. Enceladus VII

CD in 4-panel digipack. 7 tracks, approximate running time 53:00.

Sphare Sechs - Enceladus I