Sphare Sechs - Particle Void
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Sphare Sechs - Particle Void

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Sphäre Sechs is a project of Martin Stürtzer (Phelios) and Christian Stritzel.

Focused on the particle void of space this album reaches beyond the material. Recorded with a multitude of analogue gear this album has a warm saturated atmosphere with cold spacey overtones.

If you like floating in cold space in a warm cozy spacesuit, this is your album.

Recommended for fans of Space Ambient.

Written, Produced, Mastering by Martin Stürtzer & Christian Stritzel
Artwork by Erik Osvald
Mastering by Simon Heath

1. Multiverse (05:58)
2. Quantum Shift (08:14)
3. Transference (05:31)
4. NGC 8541 (05:14)
5. Temporal Transition (05:32)
6. Achernar (05:46)
7. Cepheid (06:14)
8. Radiation Phase (05:44)