Sutekh Hexen - Sutekh Hexen
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Sutekh Hexen - Sutekh Hexen

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Cyclic Law are truly honored to welcome US Black Ambient veterans Sutekh Hexen to the fold. Both defiant and meditative, their latest self-titled full-length and first studio album furthers the project’s inquiry into opposition, endurance, and paradox. Both hypnotic and cruel, these ten highly charged tracks transgress yet again any previously imposed boundaries while upholding their raw ethos at its root, and at times defying the listener's expectations altogether. Though tempestuous as ever, with this work, Sutekh Hexen reaches across thresholds and thrusts longtime listeners into redefined spaces: haunted disorientation, surreal agony, the distress of buried forces surfacing, a revelation of black tongues. Each track is a rite of clandestine horror through a distillation of power-ambient, industrial, and black metal deconstructionism. This is a new era of Sutekh Hexen, and it is a sharpening of their blade, a merciless lucidity. LET THERE BE LIGHT.

CD Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digisleeve. 10 Tracks, Running Time 54:39

1. Descent 04:40
2. Eye Of The Quill 04:51
3. Segue 1 - Ouroborus 04:39
4. SubStratus 09:18
5. Segue 2 - Xirang 04:16
6. Elemental Uproar 06:57
7. E Siel Enna Lehcim 04:23
8. Torrential 06:10
9. Segue 3 - Ascent 03:01
10. Pangea Ultima 05:24

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