The Beyond - Music Inspired By The Lucio Fulci Death Trilogy
  • €14.00

The Beyond - Music Inspired By The Lucio Fulci Death Trilogy

This new Eighth Tower Records project, dedicated to the Lucio Fulci’s “Trilogy Of Death”, a unique and unrepeatable corpus in the history of Italian “supernatural cinema”, tries to imagine an alternative soundtrack for those movies.

The several souls of Fulci’s movies are evoked by the musicians - Nàresh Ran, Mario Lino Stancati, Daniel Ferreira (Kloob), Leonardo Granchi (Bad Girl), Cristiano Bocci, Paolo Acquaviva (DuoSerpe), Sara Fontana, Dario Arrighi (Progetto No Name) - through a variety of music styles (electroacoustic, dark ambient, concrete music, progressive rock, drone music).

Some of them kept in mind the lesson of the master Fabio Frizzi, the well known composer of the original soundtracks, while others escaped any attempt to revive that glorious tradition and interpreted Fulci’s horror universe in a totally contemporary and unedited way.

CD comes in a limited edition 6-panel digipak.

1. Nàresh Ran - Enoch 03:40
2. Mario Lino Stancati - Rotta dal pianto 04:44
3. Kloob - The Blind Woman 05:04
4. Bad Girl - He Opened The Gates OF Hell 07:58
5. Progetto No Name + DuoSerpe - Late Night Black News 04:00
6. Mario Lino Stancati - Se parla il mostro 04:21
7. Kloob - Seven Doors Of Death 06:05
8. Nàresh Ran - Freudstein 06:08
9. Progetto No Name + DuoSerpe - A cuore aperto 03:30
10. Mario Lino Stancati - Perdono sangue i tuoi occhi 05:00
11. Kloob - Hotel's blueprint 05:48
12. Bad Girl - City OF Dead 08:44
13. Nàresh Ran - Eibon 07:53
14. Progetto No Name + DuoSerpe - Ending Nigthmares Of Beauty 05:01