The Human Voice - Exit Lines
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The Human Voice - Exit Lines

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NORTHAUNT mastermind Hærleif Langas gives voice to a less dark and oppressive journey with "Exit lines", and explores the thin boundary between ambient (not necessarily dark....) music and spacious post-rock. Deep drones and sparse melodic guitar lines, "skeletal" structures and subtle noises. Appealing to both the Constellation-freaks and the courageous (and open minded) dark ambient travellers.

CD comes in a gatefold digisleeve with inner sleeve.

1. Is This A Palace Or A Prison? 03:59
2. A Kiss At The Peak Of Youth 05:39
3. Night, Stars, Dreams, Death 04:37
4. Det Skjer, Ditt Ansikt Vendes Mot Mørket 04:20
5. Stillheten Vokser 05:35
6. Tape Hiz 01:40
7. Mausoleum 12:09
8. The Ghost Of Our Love 14:03

The Human Voice - Is This A Palace Or A Prison?