Tomb Of Ordeals
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Tomb Of Ordeals

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Tomb of Ordeals is the fourth installment in the evocative and collaborative Tomb series.

These wet stone walls have become your prison and eternal home since your capture. The smell of blood and marrow fills your lungs as your fingers scratch to get out. The deeper you submerge into your future tomb, the more the air turns malignant. Distant cries creeps within earshot and suckling sounds slither in the dark. This is your ordeal. Will you become another soul bound to these stones?

CD comes in full colour digipak.

1. Oljus - Hræsvelgr 07:52 video
2. Dronny Darko - Geist 05:00
3. Ajna - Yacumo 06:30
4. Asath Reon - Urn of the Sleeper 07:08
5. Plamen Vecnosti - Fear is the Mother of All 07:40
6. Apocryphos - Nightside Ordeal 11:30
7. Cut The Light - Incarnat 05:10
8. Enmarta - Deus ex Caedem 07:31

Various Artists - Tomb Of Ordeals