Tomb Of Wights - A Cryo Chamber Compilation
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Tomb Of Wights - A Cryo Chamber Compilation

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Tomb of Wights is the fifth installment in the evocative and collaborative Tomb series.

The mammoth stone mouth gapes silently as it swallows you in its maw. Within this primordial darkness lies the tombs, peregrinations into nothingness. Your flame is starving, reaching to the low ceiling, leaving charred stains in the fractured rock. Then there's a whisper, not of your own manifestation and you soon realize the dead are speaking, they are reaching for you...

CD comes in a 6-panel matt digipak, limited to 400 copies.

1. Cities Last Broadcast - Each Night 06:50
2. Apocryphos - Apocryphos Grief 05:08
3. Tineidae - The Mourning 03:40
4. Dronny Darko - Ectoplasm Threads 07:40
5. Beyond the Ghost - A Shroud of Secrets 07:49
6. Fractalyst - Spectral Watchers 07:10
7. Polterngeist - Shadows Zone 04:29
8. Chaigidel - Medivm 04:42

Apocryphos - Apocryphos Grief