Tribes Of Medusa - The Exodus Of Saints
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Tribes Of Medusa - The Exodus Of Saints

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Tribes Of Medusa is the dark ambient project hailing from Brooklyn, New York that formed in the early summer of 2009. It combines the martial aspects of industrial and meshes it with the lushness of dark ambient. They cite their inspirations as Swedish dark ambient and neo-classical. In combination with the martial elements this makes for a very varied and interesting listen. Tribes Of Medusa strives to express the relentless struggle of nature versus the industrial machine and the constant challenge to find balance within.

This is their first full length album but by no means their first release. They already have a couple of EP's under their belt as well as a number of digital releases for compilations. The album features Ann-Mari Thim from Arcana, Gaya Donadio from Anti-Child league, Saltarello, Bathory Legion and Renee Rosen on violin.

1. The Exodus Of Saints
2. Procession
3. Ruins Of The Heart
4. Final Argument Of Kings
5. Gungnir
6. Veil Of The Solstice
7. Banishment
8. March Of The Forsaken

CDR comes in digipack with 8 tracks, running time 46:01.

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