Troum - DA-PU-RI-TO-JO (The Singles 2004-2016)
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Troum - DA-PU-RI-TO-JO (The Singles 2004-2016)

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Troum returns to Zoharum with DA-PU-RI-TO-JO a collection of tracks taken from 7” singles (and one digital EP) that were released through the years 2004-2016.

Drone masters offer 12 dreamscapes that range from soothing, etheral and meditative through emotional and mysterious to dark, industrialesque and nightmarish. Listening to the album in one go Troum takes us on a journey to the farthest corners of human psyche. From heaven to hell and back. It’s all here.

If you’re Troum’s fan it’s a great opportunity to have these lesser known tracks in one place. If you’re about to become one it’s a great way to start here your journey into the depths of subconscious.

This is a collection of TROUMs 7" vinyl releases (+one digital EP- unreleased on any physical format so far) through the years 2004 - 2016. The tracks are not chronologically sorted to get a new perspective inside this "labyrinth of music".

CD edition of 500 copies comes in 6-panel digipak.

1. Aerugo 04:53
2. Aetas Vetus 06:54
3. Agnus Dei 04:34
4. Betonwolke 08:44
5. Das Air 06:16
6. Gruoen 07:01
7. Nargis 08:14
8. Saiws 06:49
9. Begeler 04:15
10. Un Mahts 06:29
11. Victoria 03:43
12. Unreleased Theme for River 02:59

Troum - Un Mahts