Ugasanie - Eye Of Tunguska
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Ugasanie - Eye Of Tunguska

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A strange incident took place in the 1990s in late autumn in the taiga. Not far from the epicenter of the Tunguska meteorite impact site. A group of students went hiking to to see this legendary site. They lost their way after they decided to spend the night in one of the winter huts built by hunters of the land. Their mutilated bodies were later found near an old abandoned geological base with radiation burns.

Ugasanie explores this incident together with photographer Alexsandr Yakushev in this eerily cold and unforgiving dark ambient release.

1. Swamps Of Tunguska
2. The Talga
3. Epicenter
4. Lonely Winter Hut
5. The Phenomenon
6. Through The Woods
7. Last Night
8. Abandoned Base
9. Attempt To Contact
10. The Bodies Under The Snow

10 tracks, running time 57:30.

Ugusanie - Swamps Of Tunguska