Uhushuhu - Bones & Drones
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Uhushuhu - Bones & Drones

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”Drones & Bones” is the first release from UHUSHUHU on Zoharum. This successful drone/ambient project is one of the most interesting ones hailing from Russia. Pavel Dombrowski composes and improvises with many other musicians under this guise using their skills to head into various directions in both genres. His albums are characterised by a particular attentiveness to detail and the richness of monolithic tapestry out of delicate melodies. On his album UHUSHUHU successfully creates seemingly lazy, quite somnambulant atmosphere which acts as a signature for the project.

”Drones & Bones” is a logical extension of of the aforementioned characteristics. In this 45-minute piece we have the development of tones and atomspheres. One can say that the composition is moon music with hints of ethnic sounds. All that is still not enough to describe what this album really is. You should stop, listen to the abyss and discover continuously. This adventure may last forever.

The album is released in a 6-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies.

1. Bones & Drones (43:45)

Uhushuhu - Bones & Drones (excerpt)