Umbrarum Tenebrae - Rites Of Darkness And Dismal Visions
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Umbrarum Tenebrae - Rites Of Darkness And Dismal Visions

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2020, the world stalled to a halt as a new plague spread it's black infectious veil across the globe. The great majority of souls caved in, hearts heavy with despair and frightened uncertainty. It is in the midst of these somber times that UMBRARUM TENEBRARAE emerged from the shadows. Born of solitude and oppressive gloom to bring forth a new sonic pestilence, Umbrarum Tenebrae seeks not to enlighten the heavily burdened spirits, nor comfort afflicted souls, but to haunt them into further desperation.

Umbrarum Tenebrae does not follow the traditional process of creation but willingly ventures upon new unexplored pathways of musical manifestation; through the use of Chaos Magick. Each song begins with an intent, given meaning as a word, this word is then encrypted to its most basic form and disposed unto a magic square. This initial intent is then transmuted into a Sigil which serves as focal point for every musical creation thereafter. These same worded intentions are also given a placement upon the musical staff to give a musical note. Thus, every song is born of pure chaos. Far from man's instinctive desire to control his creations. Breaking the laws of musical composition and normality.

The result is an eerie soundtrack which builds up discomfort and evokes dreadful visions of invisible horrors and unknown doom. Somber drone wavelength are sowed as chaos seeds awaiting to spawn forth new unnatural life and then covered with layers upon layers of cryptic, ghostly sounds and irrational percussion. The whole possesses a nightmarish aura which will take the listener deep into himself, in those dark and cold recesses of the mind. The experience is not a pleasant one. It is an exploration of the darker chambers of the unconscious, and Umbrarum Tenebrae is the guide through these haunted halls.

All instruments by evillair Recorded during winter 2020 at Dirgevows Studios St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada
Remastered Spring 2020 for Noctivagant.

CD comes in digi-sleeve format limited to 100 copies.

1. Path To Oblivion 08:32
2. Liber Mortem 04:58
3. Binding Of Skulls 06:24
4. Chambers Of Shadows 08:20
5. The Chaos Principle 09:36
6. Knell Ritual 02:08

Umbrarum Tenebrae - Chambers Of Shadows