Ungaikyō - Old Tale
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Ungaikyō - Old Tale

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Access to the top of this mountain is dangerous. An adjoining forest is haunted there. It can only be accessed by going up the narrow canyon that leads there. It is said that along the torrent, evil spirits push travelers to death. The border of spirit world is palpable. I can feel their presence ...

If I weren't accompanied by a yamabushi monk, I wouldn't feel able to access this monastery which is the only place from which we can destroy this curse that weighs on my mind.

Cdr limited to 100 copies.

1. Old Tale 昔話 03:45
2. Deep Forest 森森 06:21
3. Sanzunokawa 三途の川 06:37
4. Kappa 河童 05:20
5. Mountain Wind 山颪 05:02
6. Winter Rain 叢時雨 05:34
7. Daemon 妖魔 03:52
8. Ritual 祭祀 10:31

Ungaikyō - Old Tale