VelgeNaturlig Crowdfunder

VelgeNaturlig Crowdfunder

A Crowd Funder has been set up by VelgeNaturlig, in an effort to raise money to try to buy back some of his recently stolen studio equipment. Literally, just a couple of hours before he was due to board a plane for a gig in Norway, Ivo was burgled and all of his studio equipment stolen.

To say that this is devastating to any musician is an understatement, particularly if this is how you earn your living. And this is how he earns his living.

In the words of the artist himself....

"Yesterday evening on 13th November 2018, just hours before embarking on a flight for the Blasvart Aften Vol.10 gig in Trondheim, Norway, I was burgled.

They stole all of my sound machines. My beautiful rare and unique devices that are worth much more to me than the commercial value. These machines are an alliance between me and a greater cosmic expansiveness. I have worked with these for many years and know them inside out, like old and good friends should.

There are years of work involved using these machines. I need to recover my rig, it's my work 100%. It's how I make my money to live. I survive by making my music. It's my life. I can not replace such machines that I have had for so many years but I can try to buy some replacement gear to continue making my music. Without that I am lost.

The least help is already infinite. Thank you."

Should you wish to contribute, either by making a donation or sharing his campaign, you can visit the link here.

Many kind thanks in advance, for what ever help you can give.

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