Vidna Obmana - The River of Appearance (25th Anniversary Edition)
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Vidna Obmana - The River of Appearance (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Looking through Zoharum's publishing calendar recently, it is easy to notice that the Belgian artist's releases appear in it regularly. The 6 titles published so far are part of an informal publishing series, consistent by the layout, based on black and white photographs of flowers by Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries's wife.

Today, "The River of Appearance" joins this series - a special album in the rich discography of VIDNA OBMANA, refined in every detail, both in terms of sound, composition and creating a favorable aura while listening to it. With every minute, the music seeps lazily, filling the entire environment with a rich palette of sounds from flutes, ocarina, harmonica and percussion, perfectly harmonizing with loops and electronic structures; pulsating delicately and setting the rhythm of our breathing while relaxing. In this way, feedback occurs - music is perceived in a favorable atmosphere.

On "River ..." we touch the delicate, sublime musical matter, woven from eight miniatures, making up an exceptionally coherent concept. This album has all the elements that define ambient as a music genre. It is considered to be one of the most important albums in its category, along with the most recognized works for ambient music.

CD comes in digipak format limited to 450 copies.

1. The Angelic Appearance 04:57
2. Ephemeral Vision 08:48
3. A Scenic Fall 10:23
4. Night-Blooming 08:17
5. The Solitary Circle 06:16
6. Weaving Cluster 05:15
7. Streamers Of Stillness 07:05
8. The Ominous Dwelling 06:37

Vidna Obmana - The River of Appearance (25th Anniversary Edit.)