Vidna Obmana - The Surreal Sanctuary - The Contemporary Nature
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Vidna Obmana - The Surreal Sanctuary - The Contemporary Nature

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By releasing "The Trilogy" not so long ago, Zoharum have opened a new series in which they are trying to bring closer the VIDNA OBMANA albums, which have long been unavailable in regular distribution and which reach exorbitant prices on auction portals.

This time we took two regular albums to work on. "The Surreal Sanctuary", like "The Contemporary Nocturne", recorded with the guest appearance of Steve Roach, Jim Cole and Joris De Backer, originally appeared in 2000 on Hypnos as separate publications. However, their character, the time in which the compositions were created and the participation of the same guests combine them into an extremely poignant and musically rich entity. Therefore, together with the artist, we decided to publish a two-disc album, closing this chapter in the discography of Vidna Obmana.

DCD comes in a digipak format limited to 400 copies.

The Surreal Sanctuary CD1

1. Infinity 05:02
2. Lamentation 06:59
3. The First Coil 08:39
4. The Profound Isolates 09:26
5. Jewel of the Underground 07:43
6. The Fragmented Dome 17:28
7. Flame 13:58

The Contemporary Nature CD2

1. Duel 01:55
2. Chasing the Odyssee 10:30
3. A Platform of Sorrow 05:57
4. The Gaze in Dissonance 03:22
5. Mute Grief 06:50
6. Revelation 09:51
7. The Path Downwards 19:06
8. Infinity 14:35

Vidna Obmana - Infinity