Vinur - The River of Silence
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Vinur - The River of Silence

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VINUR is the dark Ambient Solo project by Oliver Freund from Dark Folk Band MARS and Dark Ambient Act VORTEX. The word Vinur means friend in the language of iceland and does not only resemble his last name, but foremost it utilizes the coexistence of universal friendship and enmity.

VINUR expresses emotions and feelings toward a dystopian existence, fuelled by pain and hateful despair. On the other side it wishes to inspire hope and the will for freedom.The Album „The River of Silence“ is a journey through the mists of being. The dark soundscape draws the listener into the realms of animism und the deep world behind thought.

The songs are characterised by Dark Ambient with distorted and broken sounds. Cascades of guitars that explore Atmospheric, Doom, and Black Metal. Noisy drone sounds are the foundation for most of the songs.

CD comes in limited digisleeve format.

1. The End of Peace 06:54
2. Fire From The Sky 06:25
3. Blood For The Seed of Mars to Grow 06:38
4. The Rain of Hope Dies in The Sun 03:44
5. Apocalypse Clashing 03:50
6. Harpocrates and The River of Silence 03:04
7. Sadness is the Napalm of Soul 06:17
8. Morpheus Embrace 05:19

Vinur - The River of Silence