Vladimir Hirsch - Katagenesis
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Vladimir Hirsch - Katagenesis

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This album is the result of collaboration with the Old Captain label. Vladimír Hirsch is a composer and a veteran of Czech industrial scene. Member (and/or founder) of projects like Aghiatrias, Skrol and Czech Integrated Ensemble to name a few.

“Katagenesis” showcases Hirsch’s consistency in style of creation. Melodic, powerful, sublime and absolutely terrifying. Album is presented in the form of triptych „Axonal Transit”, „Metaspheres” and „Hymn”. Across 11 tracks we are taking true tour de fear as we’re experiencing a sonic representation of horror. Orchestral instruments mixed with electronics are holding us in suspense from the very beginning to the very end giving us only a few short breaks to catch a breath.

This is as far as you can imagine from easy listening, but it’s definitely worth the effort as when the album stops you feel the cathartic effect instantly.

Amazing take on modern classical and experimental music.

Brass, Strings, Percussion – Czech Integrated Ensemble
Composed By, Electronics, Keyboards, Piano, Field Recording – Vladimír Hirsch
Mastered By – Vojtěch Haňka
Photography – Jan Vávra
Post Production – Tom Saivon

CD edition of 300 copies.

1. Linear 11:24
2. Diametric 10:03
3. Parametric 10:17
4. Gyroscopic 09:58
5. Doctrinal 04:07
6. Amniotic 05:16
7. Encrypted 03:40
8. Orbital 04:21
9. Conversive 04:53
10. Katagenetic 06:26

Vladimir Hirsch - Doctrinal