Wordclock - Self-Destruction Themes
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Wordclock - Self-Destruction Themes

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Pedro Pimentel returns to Cryo Chamber with his second album on the label, Self Destruction Themes. This time with help from Amund Ulvestads beautiful cello performances, Simon Heaths textural piano work and Apocryphos atmospheric distortion layers.

This is a massive album of cold but inviting atmospheres, filtered noise, acoustic layering and sweeping textural layers. The sad theme throughout the album paints images of a world depopulated and of overgrown and dilapidated cityscapes.

1. Here We'll Be Gone
2. The Fever Of Our Waiting
3. It May Come
4. When Indecision Strikes
5. Something More
6. More Often Than Not
7. Every Shade
8. Something Else
9. 32 Walls
10. Lack Of Language

Wordclock - Self-Destruction Theme