Zoloft Evra - Wounds Of No Return
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Zoloft Evra - Wounds Of No Return

"Wounds of No Return ", the third album from ZOLOFT EVRA is a fierce merciless ritual, blood soaking void. Pure murderous sonic intercourse where death cult, self destruction, sexual fetish obsessions, ,anti-christianity cross the fields of eerie negative industrial ambiences.

" ZC : Synth, Noise
BLACKFROST: Voice, Samples, Lyrics
COLD : Guitars, FX
CR : Synths, FX, Noise

1. Hooks Through Your Flesh 08:49
2. Last Injection Kiss 06:23
3. Wrapped And Killed 04:16
4. Wounds of No Return 05:59
5. Life Ending Razor 06:16
6. Death Trance Ritual 07:05

Zoloft Evra - Last Injection Kiss