Between Voices - Phantom Pinnacles
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Between Voices - Phantom Pinnacles

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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A new face in the already profound roster of Harlow MacFarlane’s (Funerary Call, Stars Without Light...) body of work, Phantom Pinnacles presents a dense Odyssey of tragic themes and long-lost moments. From the first to the last echoed fragment, Between Voices presents a fragile ambience that only exists in a reawakening memory from the forgotten corners of the mind.

Vignettes of swarming synthesizers and humbled symphonies weave into off-kilter, melancholic melodies, extracted from a magnetic void of corrupted data and analog tape. Opaque sketches splinter time and distort reality into an angular, alternate state, evoking a fruitless attempt to catch a fading dream as it slips away into the dim light. The dreamer left somber and abandoned in the hiss and flutter of voices singing and shouting from a liminal fog.

Brief reflections of a distant reality lived by unknown wraiths on reel-to-reel and video cassettes shudder into sustained drones and dissolving motifs. Shocks of familiarity reside in the otherworldly, but only until the disembodied return and resume their broken soundtrack. Their cries left resounding in the distance, still haunting the crackling texture, resurrected in shimmering tones and spectral scapes.

Within this fading allusion, Between Voices manages to stretch sound to its limits until time itself seems to come to a delicate standstill, and all is crushed in a greying and growing expanse of transcendent, forgotten music.

Artwork by Paw Grabowski & Kevin Gan Yuen.
Mastered by James Plotkin.

CD Edition of 300 copies in LP like format with sleeve, matt lamination.