God Body Disconnect - Dreams to be Buried In
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God Body Disconnect - Dreams to be Buried In

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God Body Disconnect emerges from the shadows of the inner void, with an album he calls the one he’s been dreaming of creating for years. Composed of vhs and cassette tape recordings, Bruce has painted a mystical, melancholic journey, through sleepy, fogbound forests.

Death is a complex subject; none of us really knows what will happen to us when it’s our time. The existence of a soul that lives on in a spiritual afterlife, is also just as difficult to grasp. The truth is none of it can be proven or disproven, because no one has been through the entire experience, and come back to tell the whole story. We end up having to solely rely on our own beliefs, experiences, and what we hope will happen to us in our final hour. Ultimately we’re left in the dark about our future. Death, the soul, and the spiritual world, are things I’ve explored in much of my music, however I’ve never gone as deep as I have with this album. I owed it to myself to face the traumatic events that have shaped my beliefs, and finally approach the fearful visions that have been haunting me for many years. This album is based on what I’ve seen during my own near death experiences, and in vivid prophetic dreams and visions. It’s also representative of what I hope will happen to me when the clock of life rings its final bell. It has given me much peace to introspectively dive into these mystical, uncharted worlds, and I hope it gives some peace for you. ~Bruce

It’s almost time for the finale
The drape of oak are closing in
Birds and creatures cease their singing
Flashing images of who I’ve been
Eyes swollen, the deepest sadness
Regrets and fear of what’s to come
A single tear feeds the soil
Body and spirit turned to one
I bend my knees to an empty forest
In a dream only dreamt within
The gods of sleep, a soothing chorus
All is forgotten, my sins forgiven

Written, Performed, Produced, Vocals - Bruce Moallem
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel digipak with artwork by Simon Heath