Mountain Realm – Grayshadow Ruins
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Mountain Realm – Grayshadow Ruins

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Mountain Realm (of projects Atrium Carceri/Za Frûmi) presents his debut album on Cryo Crypt. A foggy atmospheric album that invites the listener into ancient nordic folk tale fantasy within the Mountain Realm. In a desolate and forsaken corner of Mountain Realm, hidden amidst the vast expanse of the Northern Spine Mountains, lies the haunted Grayshadow Ruins. This ancient underground kingdom, devoid of warmth and light, has a history steeped in shadowy secrets and legends of long-forgotten kings still kept alive by dark powers. Refill your health flask and light your lantern as day turns to endless night

Recommended for fans of Nordic Folk, retro CRPGs, and Swedish style low fantasy PnP RPGs.

Written, Produced, Performed, Design, Mastering - Simon Heath

- Edition of 400
-Hi-Fi Ferro Grade Pro-Duplication Tape
- Transparent heavy duty vintage style Case
- Double side print J-card with extra foldback panel
- Full Color CMYK sticker print on Cassette
- Grunge Style Cassette Shell