Mountain Realm – Frostfall
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Mountain Realm – Frostfall

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Mountain Realm (of projects Atrium Carceri/Za Frûmi) presents his 2nd album on Cryo Crypt. A mist filled ancient nordic folk tale fantasy within the region of Frostfall.

In Frostfall, where winter's chill never fades, the Crystal Palace stands as a testament to the past. Under the watchful gaze of the Troll King, the palace whispers tales of a bygone era. Once the crown jewel of Frostfall's first age, it shone brightly, its spires a beacon of hope in the desolate landscape. The first age of Man flourished here, but war and darkness drove them out, leaving the palace frozen in time.

Beyond the palace lies the White Bark forest, a realm of wonder and danger. Goblin-kin roam, and Elven seers weave illusions amidst the snow-covered trees. Here, reality and myth blur, and ancient magic stirs. Rumors of forgotten secrets and lost relics draw adventurers and wanderers to Frostfall, despite the dangers that lurk in the snowy mists. Refill your health flask and light your lantern as day turns to endless night

Recommended for fans of Nordic Folk, retro CRPGs, and Swedish style low fantasy PnP RPGs.

Written, Produced, Performed, Design, Mastering - Simon Heath

- Edition of 200
-Hi-Fi Ferro Grade Pro-Duplication Tape
- Transparent heavy duty vintage style Case
- Double side print J-card with extra foldback panel
- Full Color CMYK sticker print on Cassette
- Grunge Style Cassette Shell